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Why Glass Is Used for Aquarium

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Difficult to scratch

Glass is very difficult to scratch. Scratching glass usually requires a relatively hard material and a considerably amount of pressure. You can scratch glass if you take a piece of uncoated aquarium gravel or a rock and rub it against the glass, or if you take a piece of metal and deliberately scratch the glass. However this is unlikely.

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Aquarium of your dreams

Build the commercial aquarium of your dreams or give your existing fish tank a much needed improvement – All Glass and Glazing has the outstanding quality products to get the job done!

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Comprehensive aquarium

We offer a comprehensive aquarium glass manufacturing service for public and trade customers alike. From the smallest home aquarium repairs to the largest commercial tank installations, we are specialist in only the most capable, reliable and affordable glass products. Our extensive experience in fish tank glass design, manufacture and retail allows us to offer comprehensive and impartial advice on all aspects of aquarium repairs/maintenance.



  • Tank Size: At our discretion tank sizes can be customized to your needs.
  • Holes: We do Hole drilling in the aquariums.
  • Tank Tops: Tops of tanks can be modified to suit special needs. Rimless tanks are available for certain sizes.

Glass Types

  • Regular Clear Glass: As is common in most aquariums, we use Regular Clear Glass at home for its cheap cost.
  • Low-iron Glass: Low-Iron glass is available at an additional cost. Low-Iron glass provides a clearer view of colors than regular aquariums.

Regardless of the scale of the project or the budget you have to work with, you simply will not find a better deal on elite-quality fish tank glass.

Outstanding Strength and Durability

The importance of flawless performance and exceptional strength when producing aquarium glass is total. For integrity or durability to be compromised for even a moment could result in the catastrophic failure of the tank as a whole. Everyday glass and glass manufacturing techniques simply do not make the grade for use in aquariums - an entirely stronger, tougher and more dependable grade of glass is required.

Here at All Glass and Glazing, we've been working with customers across the Canada, NY, NJ, Brooklyn and all over the USA on ambitious projects for many years now. We've overseen and been involved in dozens of large and small aquarium builds, while supplying thousands with essential replacement parts and panels. We know exactly what it takes to manufacture aquarium glass with the required durability and integrity.