Custom Aquarium Design

both for domestic and commercial uses


Our Speciality

Accurate Measurements

Once the aesthetic details are determined, our installers gather accurate measurements of the area. It is important your wall aquarium be precisely measured. The installation team at Bear Glass has decades of experience which allows all work to be performed on-site at your home or office with materials.

Fitting & Installation

It is carefully fitted and positioned forming the ideal wall aquarium. We give the superior quality service for wall aquarium fitting. Combined with precision installation. We are always ready to help you. If your wall aquarium get broken and you want to replace it, then Bear Glass is the best choice for you.

Competitive Pricing

We offer a minimum cost for commercial fish tank installation. If you want to replace your broken wall aquarium or want to install a new wall aquarium at a cheap cost, then Bear Glass can be the 1st choice for you. We provide the best wall acrylic aquarium installation service at a reasonable cost in U.S.A.

Framed/ Frameless Aquarium

We provide best quality glass wall aquariums. It can be framed or frameless. Coral aquariums are also available at here. We also provide framed and frameless saltwater glass aquariums. If you need a frameless large sized wall aquarium, you can contact us. We provide our service in NYC, NJ, Brooklyn, Oneonta, Staten island, etc.